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Welcome to Howard Designs!

Howard Designs is a business specializing in concept designs. If was founded in 2005 and is owned by concept designer, Mary Howard.

Concept designing is the design and development of the early stage of a business or system idea. The best designs are ones that use a reality-based perspective rather than an ideal perspective because it improves the longevity of the business or system over time.

When I began concept designing, I had the thought: “How can I run a business from the beach?” It seemed unfair to me that most business owners worked so hard to make their business run and rarely took vacations. So, I used this dream-scenario as the basis for my CoCo Business Systems design. CoCo stands for "company-company".

CoCo Business Systems is a collection of business systems, such as payroll, accounting, hiring, scheduling, policies and procedures (etc.) that can be used to run any business, from a one-man operation up to a large company employing thousands of workers. CoCo is still in the design stage, but when it is ready CoCo would be sold online as a self-contained package, including set-up instructions. The idea behind CoCo is to allow the business owner more free personal time by having the majority of usual business tasks set up and running leaving only decision-making for the owner to do. With only a laptop and Wifi, the business owner could literally run their business from the beach. The benefits are many including: more free time for the owner; an increase in the control over the business; networking with other businesses who use the CoCo business systems; and giving workers more chances to make money in the company.

BLUE PDF Directory of Established Websites provides an excellent way to visit some of the best websites on the Internet. It is now a live business.

Other concept designs by Howard Designs:

Heaven Airlines is a travel-friendly airlines designed for improved safety, comfort and economy.

Combo Electric Car is the design concept for a car that uses multiple charging systems to give the car an "unlimited driving range".

Peanut Butter Mobile Hut is a summer business that sells all things peanut butter and complimentary foods from a van with an awning near beach areas or campgrounds.

Graduated Educational System ensures that all students pass with an A at the end of each grade.

Comparative Systems Analysis is a problem-solving technique.

Look for new concept designs coming in the future!

Mary Howard , Author and Concept Designer,

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